Easter in Lviv

24 March 2010

Easter in Lviv

Luminous Easter is a family celebration. In Lviv, this atmosphere is all pervasive as everyone knows that the family spirit can be perceived in every single church, on all city squares, and in the city streets, where traditional festivities take place during the Easter period.

Easter in Lviv is an unforgettable and authentic celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. It includes numerous folk festivals, youth entertainments in large open-air museum "Shevchenkivsky Hay" (Shevchenko Park) open-air museum of folk architecture, and wonderful "paskhas and sausages" which taste especially good after the lengthy Great Lent.

Don't miss your chance to take part in one of the biggest holiday for Lviv citizens! Come to Lviv on April 03-06, 2010 and see it on your own eyes!


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