Iron Lviv Experts are in the city

13 August 2010

Iron Lviv Experts are in the city

Now, to receive all needed information about the city you just need to find new interactive guide and use your index finger to choose the topic.

Lviv is known as a cultural capital of Ukraine and one of the biggest tourism centers of Eastern Europe for a long time and it is not planning to lose its position. If you don’t like to ask passers-by or are afraid of thick guides come and try iron know-alls that will show and tell you everything that can be of your interest.

“All the information that a tourist may need can be found here. In six sections you will find out about museums and galleries in the city, places to eat and stay, receive additional information about the city and emergency phone numbers. – tells Oksana Yablonska, who works for this project. – Also guide includes special search engine. When you enter the name of the place you will receive information about is location on the map, as teleports are connected to Internet. Electronic guides will work 24/7 and information are available in English, Polish, Russian and German that makes them also useful for foreigners.”

Information spots were created with the patronage of European Union within Creation of informational tourism infrastructure in Lviv within the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine.

Today, there are only two universal guides in the city, on the Rynok sq., on the left from the entrance to the city hall and near the monument to king Danylo, but as was claimed in Tourist Information Centre, if this project will be successful, their number will grow to fulfill all the needs of tourists and citizens of Lviv.

Text: Dana Mykytiuk
Photo: Oksana Soluk
Translation: Markiyan Mykytka

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  • Pavlo13-08-2010 11:19reply

    Туди б ще зупинки гром. транспорту ы схеми його руху.

  • Олег13-08-2010 14:17reply

    І халявний доступ до нету!!! :)))

  • Leopolis10-09-2010 17:06reply

    Молодці, похвально. Впевнений, що проект матиме успіх. Розвивайте мережу та примножуйте кількість універсальних Довідників.

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