Lviv hostels are spreading around the city!

6 July 2010

Lviv hostels are spreading around the city!

All fans of interesting, quality and affordable recreation – you should start to celebrate! Number of Lviv hostels are increasing – 3 new hostels have opened since the beginning of this year. Only 4 years ago the first hostel was established in Lviv, but due to their reasonable prices and popularity abroad, Ukrainians started to use them more often.

Soviet Home HostelSoviet Home Hostel (3 Drukars'ka str.)
The old Soviet furniture, red phones and radiators, propaganda posters with Soviet leaders and valenki near beds – everything like years ago! Now anyone easily can be a time traveler to the Soviet epoch.

«People start to watch suspiciously on us when they hear name of our hostel, being aware of political engagement», Ihor Shopa, co-founder of Soviet Home Hostel, says. «But we just want to show our guests from Ukraine and abroad how that felt like – to live in Soviet Union. Also we use a kind of interior posters, which contains many interesting information about Union, particularly about the number of repressions and total control held by authorities».

Despite of Soviet content of hostel, you can be sure that you won’t have to sleep on beds with springs. Bathroom and mattresses are fulfilling all requirements, refined for a comfortable stay of tourists.

«Our hostel is mostly oriented on individual young tourists from abroad, a lot of whom had already lived in our hos», – Ihor Shopa says. «All of them are satisfied with the thematic design and understand that we’re giving them an opportunity to learn more about Soviet Union, which was completely unknown for people of Europe and the world».

Art hostelArt Hostel (3/4 Rynok sq.)
Here you'll be able not only to sleep and rest, but also to enjoy beauty of art, because hostel speciality is a permanent exhibition of paintings and photographs, posted in the rooms.

Simple interior emphasize artistic direction of the hostel and gives it outlines of gallery. Cozy beds, kitchen and lounge room will make your vacation not only aesthetic, but also comfortable.

«Now we are displaying photos of Tetyana Davydenko, the author of our interior. Here you can see not only Lviv related pictures, you can visit even «African room» with photos from Kenya. By the way, photos are saleable», – Yaryna, hostel administrator, adds.

«Art hostel» cooperates with many youth organizations, including ISEC, so your neighbors could be young people from all around the globe. Poles, Germans, Brazilians and even guests from Indonesia have visited this hostel already.

The Georgehouse hostelThe Georgehouse hostel (вул. Устияновича, 8/1)
This hostel is not only giving you a shelter during your visit to Lviv, it’s also raising your spirit. The walls, furniture and everything else in the hostel are made with bright, but not aggressive, yellow, orange and green colors.

«Creating this hostel, we aimed to create a place that would be ideal for relaxing after a day of walking in Lviv», – says Yuriy Ivanchenko, the owner of the hostel.

The Georgehouse hostel is receiving visitors for two months and is oriented on the western tourists who travel across the Europe and want to save money. Most of the visitors are coming from Poland, Russia and eastern Ukraine, getting their dose of positivity from the city and the hostel.

In case you don’t want to live in represented hostels, try to find yours on this link. If you can’t find your favorite hostel in this list, please send us information about it on

text: Dana Mykytyuk

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  • Рудольф07-07-2010 15:41reply

    Молодчинка Богданка))гарна інформація..але Soviet в будь-якому випадку найкращий)))

  • snutez07-07-2010 19:32reply

    Дуже добре, що так стається! А то у 5* готельчиках зупинятися накладно фінансово :)))

  • Гість19-07-2010 15:30reply

    а ви чули що Криївка відкриває хостел? напевно буде щось цікаве)

  • Рудольф20-08-2010 19:31reply

    цікаво було б подивитися одним оком

  • Антон30-09-2010 15:44reply

    А мені сподобалося в Артхостелі, сидиш собі з пивком на балкончику - та дивишся на площу Ринок красота!!!

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