Third Tourism Conference in Lviv "Win With The Lion" 2011

8 November 2011

Third Tourism Conference in Lviv "Win With The Lion" 2011

The world is changing constantly. People’s preferences and lifestyle are changing. Traveller’s behaviour is changing. We, tourism market stakeholders, have to follow-up the trends, to catch the wave of the world tourism and hold it. In order to create a high quality, unique tourism product it is necessary to cooperate on city, region and country level.

Conference Goals:
•    To define key tourism trends in Europe;
•    To learn how to develop  a competitive, interesting tourism product and unique experience;
•    To prove the necessity of building public-private partnership in city tourism;
•    To find new partners for your ideas and business.

 Conference Format:
“Win with the Lion!” 2011 combines classic format with new creative sessions; presentations, discussions, lunches and dinner with speakers – tourism experts, informal meetings, etc.

Why Lviv?
-    Cultural Capital of Ukraine;
-    City of innovation and ideas;
-    Tourism is one of the priorities of the city competitiveness strategy;
-    It is young and dynamic city;
-    Lviv is a city of talented and creative people.
Conference Participants:
-    Tourism and marketing experts;
-    Local and regional decision makers;
-    Tourism industry representatives from Lviv and other Ukrainian cities;
-    Representatives of Lviv’s leading companies;
-    Active students.
Tourism Conference “Win with the Lion!” invites you to Lviv! It is a place for networking, gaining new partnerships and contacts, place, where you can share ideas and experience, and, finally, to expand your business!

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  • Ніка10-11-2011 22:59reply

    Зніміть рекламний ролик про Львів , а краще цілу передачу і покажіть у цих містах Європи і туристи поїдуть до Львова ! РЕКЛАМА ЦЕ УСПІХ У ТУРИСТИЧНОМУ БІЗНЕСІ !!!

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