at ITB Berlin 2011

7 March 2011 at ITB Berlin 2011

We are growing up and opening the new horizons for ourselves and for you, our dear followers. Internet-project will take active part in one of the biggest world tourist exhibition – ITB Berlin 2011.

At ITB Berlin 2011 Lviv will be presented with a big tourist information stand and pool of tourist companies, hotels and restaurants owners. This presentation became possible due to cooperation of Lviv city council with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ).

On Wednesay, 9th of March, Lviv party will be held for VIP-guests of ITB. Also, we want not only to present Lviv, but to expand propositions presented at exhibition.

Imagine, all possible world tourist destinations are gathered in one single place. And every single state, city or region are preparing for ITB for the whole year.

We will show you all the emotions of this event online. During Wednesday – Friday check the latest news at our Facebook page.

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  • львівянин11-03-2011 12:24reply

    Цікаво а за чиї кошти VisitLviv подорожує та бере участь у виставці? Часом не з наших податків у місцевий бюджет?

  • VisitLviv11-03-2011 14:28reply

    Шановному львів'янину. VisitLviv подорожує та допомагає вам отримувати цікаву інформацію за власний рахунок. Участь у виставці для преси - безкоштовна. Усіх Вам гараздів :)

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