Wi-Fi hot spots in Lviv

8 December 2009

Wi-Fi hot spots in Lviv

When you’ve visited the city, walked around all the museums, shaken up your body in local night clubs and hot spots, and now, you just want to relax, sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee…. well, don’t let yourself go too much! After all, even when you’ve had your black coffee - by the way, Lviv coffee is very tasty! – you can still take time to participate in a socially important event. For example, connect with your friends and give them your latest impressions of “Little Paris”. Of course, you could use the phone, but Internet is so much easier.

So, where in this city of poets and beautiful Ukrainian girls can you find a quiet and cosy café with Wi-Fi access? Put on your walking shoes again! I’ll take you there!

diana.jpg“Here I am, sitting near Diana (the statue, of course) in Rynok Square with my laptop on my knees….”

This is the kind of answer you might give to your Internet friend when he asks you: “Hi there! How are you? And, where are you now?” He’ll probably go green with envy when he hears your answer! I mean, it’s obviously clear that you’re spending your holiday in the most beautiful city of Ukraine, and everything is just great!

There are several places in the centre of Lviv, where you can sit quietly on the street and check out your E-mails and contact sites. For example, Rynok Sqaure, and most of the roads that start from there, and also, Svobody Avenue, Mitskevych Square, and several other “connected” areas.

However, access to these street Wi-Fi areas is clearly limited timewise. In fact, you should also subscribe to another network: Warnet. You get only 15 minutes of so-called “test usage”. When you’ve joined this network, go to the Home Page (you’ll get there anyways), and click on “Free Test”. Then, you have fifteen minutes of access to the Internet at quite a good speed. When your time’s up, you should either purchase a Warnet card, or use the “Masony” restaurant connection (see more below).

Street Internet is also available near the main “Ukrtelekom” offices: at the main Post Office (intersection of Doroshenko – Saksahansky – Kopernyk Streets), and near the statue of King Danylo Halytsky (Halytska Square). As a matter of fact, you have to get an Ukrtelekom card (12, 24 or 48 UAH). Their Internet access isn’t too bad, although sometimes funny or annoying things to your computer (isn’t this what usually happens in state-run institutions?)

Oh, let me just digress for a minute… try to find Wi-Fi areas close to any offices, companies, or institutions. For example, one of my friends lives near the Vynnykivsky Market, where some sort of religious community has its main office. Well, this friend of mine and his room-mates managed to connect to the monks’ Internet for about six months… All for free!

Coffee, pastries, and Wi-Fi

Well now, dear friends, back to the basics! Really, there are literally hordes of cafés, taverns, coffee stops, restaurants, fast-foods, coffee bars, and other so-called “institutions for public nutrition”, where smart and polite owners have tried to have quality Internet access installed. But, let me just tell you about the places I’ve been to where I could actually use the Internet.

kvartyra_35.jpg1. Dzyga” (35 Virmens’ka Street), “Kabinet” (12 Vynnychenko Street), and “Pid Synioyu Plyashkoyu” (6 Rus’ka Street). These are simply cult places, not only for tourists, but for Lvivers themselves. After all, “Dzyga” is the place where some incredible music stories had their beginning: the vocal ensemble “Pikkardiyska Tertsia”, the singer Ruslana, the “Jazz Bez” Festival, and other pre-destined talents or events. So, relaxing there means that you’re close to touching eternity….

Here, Internet access is permanent, but payment is required. In order to connect, you should buy a “Vsesvit-Plyus” card beforehand in offices of “Ukrtelekom”, or directly from the waiter. I suggest that you buy it at “Ukrtelekom”, because the staff in “Dzyga” keep telling me that they don’t have any more 12 and 24 UAH cards. Judging from what I’ve heard, the same rules for accessing the Internet apply in the new “Dzyga” tavern “Black/White 5x5”.

Prices: Americano coffee: 10 UAH; beer: starting from 8 UAH.
There are smoking rooms and non-smoking areas for people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle.

2. The coffee shop, “I Like” opened very recently on the corner of Staroyevreyska and Halytska Streets. It’s pretty small, but so pleasant! A tiny area with only eight seating places really does make you feel comfortable and free. Here, you can sip your large Americano, bombard your classmates with pics, and gaze out the huge windows at the people and the city streets. Access to Wi-Fi is free of charge. However, you have to ask the waiter for a security key. The speed is pretty good. I didn’t try to download films, but Google Talk didn’t make my laptop act up.

Prices: Large Americano coffee (almost half a liter!): only 18 UAH!
No smoking.

kryjivka.jpg3. The “!FEST” network chain has Internet access in all its venues! You can go into “Kryyivka”, (14 Rynok Square, 1st floor), order some linden tea, and sit there and work on your laptop for as long as you want! Or, why not try the museum-tavern “Hasova Lampa” (20 Virmens’ka Street), or the piquant and provocative café “Masoch” (7 Serbs’ka Street), or the festival-restaurant “Livy Berih” (in the basement of the Opera Theatre). It sometimes takes a while to get your connection going, but the Internet connection in these places isn’t too bad. Especially in the most expensive restaurant of Halychyna (Galicia) – “Masony”. Everything is so powerful in that place that you can literally sit nearby at the entrance to the Ratusha, not order anything, and surf endlessly on the Internet.

Prices: prices in the “!FEST” venues vary from one place to another. But, if you just order a coffee or a beer, you won’t have to shell out more than 10 UAH.
There are smoking rooms and non-smoking areas for people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle.

4. There is another great place in Lviv, so bright and clean that you don’t know where to put your dirty Kleenex. It’s called “Mapa” (5 Halytska Street). To tell the truth, I don’t go there very often, but my more glamorous friends tell me that there is Wi-Fi access on the premises.
Prices: Americano coffee: 9.50 UAH.
 No smoking

5. Many people like going to coffee shops and working on their own laptops, but they started getting tired of the old vintage-type places. Then, a cosy new venue called “MusicLAB” opened up on 18 Braty Rohatyntsi Street, and changed the scene. Here, the lights are dim, the service is very friendly, the interior is lovely, and big screens show video clips and concert recordings of cult musicians. Here, you get the best conditions! You can even find sockets under some of the tables to “nourish” your faithful little laptop. There is also a pleasant lounge salon. Wi-Fi access in the “MusicLab” is free of charge, so enjoy it!

Prices: Americano coffee: 14 UAH; pot of tea: 15 UAH.
Smoking everywhere.

6. A teeny-weeny café “Stari Mury” opened up on 5 Serbs’ka Street (between the “Masoch” Café and the Lviv Chocolate Workshop). You can have your tea or coffee on the spot or take it home with you. It’s very quiet here, and the service is pleasant, quick, and discreet so that it makes you want to come back again and again. At least I do so, and regularly….

Prices: French-press with Nicaragua coffee: 12 UAH. In general, the prices are somewhat higher than in other places, as the drinks are quite unusual, terribly exclusive, in fact!
Smoking only on the summer terrace; no smoking inside.

7. And to round things up…. It is said that there is free Wi-Fi access at “McDonalds” fast-food places. I was told that it was a mutual project between the famous hamburger makers and “Ukrtelekom”. However, neither I nor any of my friends have ever managed to open and check our Inboxes while munching on our French fries.

Well, that’s about all! We’ve finished touring Lviv taverns and cafés in search of Wi-Fi access. Enjoy all your trips and journeys. As for me, I’m going to finish off my cold coffee.

Hanna Vdruh was your Wi-Fi guide
specially for VisitLviv



  • Юра12-12-2009 21:01reply

    Дякую, чітка, приємна і потрібна стаття.

  • Serhio Pascale13-12-2009 11:28reply

    Кожний рік у Львові, але все одно цікаво було почитати)) Дякую, пишіть ще!

  • PADLIK15-12-2009 12:49reply

    нетра на макдак гнати))) В мене це вдаєтьс правда інколи треба напрягти адміністратора, щоб якусь там девайсе перезагрузили всетаки державний укртелеком неміг дати надійне обладнання))))

  • Antipadlik15-12-2009 13:03reply

    а де ти бачиш нагання на Мак? в статті ж сказано, що може й можливо в них посидіти, але автору не вдалось, читай уважніше

  • Anariel18-01-2010 19:07reply

    Так гарно написано, шо я будучи львів'янкою і це все на власній шкурі перепробувавши!,з приємністю прочитати всю статтю.Дякую Ганні Вдруг!!!

  • Anariel18-01-2010 19:12reply

    І ще питаннячко до теми: хтось шось знає про WiFi перед гол. корпусом Франка?

  • Johnny19-01-2010 13:03reply

    Кілька років УарНет планує покрити площу перед Універом - т. зв. "клумбу". Але там виникають різні затримки, зокрема через високу цінність будівлю не зовсім ясно, де можна встановити обладнання. Кажуть, що міська рада працює над тим, щоб цього року покрити нові площі або покращити існуючі.

  • Lad08-02-2010 20:06reply

    Позитив (Зелена, 14) 10 мегабіт в дві сторони цілодобово, доступ вільний; Занзібар/Маракеш (Липинського 36) 10 мегабіт в дві сторони цілодобово, доступ вільний. Дабл-кофі - як повезе, переважно є. Прага - є, безкоштовно, але тре просити код в кельнерки.

  • Lad08-02-2010 20:07reply

    Роден (ріг Личаківська-Мучна) є.

  • Lad08-02-2010 20:09reply

    Останній поверх готелю "Дністер" - кафе. Є.

  • ja26-11-2010 23:43reply

    у книгарні "є" можна користати з безкоштовного інтернету або сидячи там "красти" інтернет з сусідній віен-кафе ;)

  • Ірця13-04-2011 12:15reply

    Ще є нет в каварні біля міського арсеналу, так і називається "Арсенальна", вона так в кутку ховається. Там гарно, затишно, зручні дивани=). Ціни - посередні, кава американо приблизно 12 грн. особливо туди прикольно прийти у вихідні дні, коли в центральних каварнях нема місць, там вони є зазвичай, бо мало хто знає про існування такої кнайпи. Ще в "Кабінеті" є нет, за тою ж схемою, що і в Дзизі. Ціни - майже ідентичні Дзигівським.

  • Ганна Вдруг19-04-2011 09:04reply

    У "Опера-Пасаж" теж є тепер віфі. І ще у "Пункті" на Шевській відкрили. Але там глупо якось - віфі працює з 10-00 до 18-00. Саме коли я на роботі :))

  • Володя16-05-2011 11:41reply

    Також в магнусі на 5-му поверсі! є WiFI

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