ATB concert in Lviv

Worldwide known André Tanneberger aka ATB gave his concert on May, 15 2010 in Lviv. More than 4000 electronic music fans came to Exhibition center "Lemberg" at the concert.

As it was announced, acoustic power at the concert was at the level of 100 Kilowatt. Ukrainian DJs DERRICK & TONIKA, TIGRAN OGANEZOV, GARRY SHUMOFF, PAUL WHEATEN, T-ONE were worming up the audience.

The concert was a part of ATB World Tour and ATB performed more than 2 hours. JOSH GALLAHAN, BALD BROTHERS and VLADISLAV LEVYTSKYI were entertaining people too.

Lviv became one of the main cities in ATB world tour. Same show will be performed in 36 countries of the world including Germany, USA, Finland, UAE, Poland, Japan etc.

photos released by organizers

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