виставка "Анатомія звуку" у Львові

The Anatomy of Sound exhibition starts in Lviv

Come on, admit it – are there any music fans among you? Those people who can’t go out without headphones or fall asleep without a soothing melody in the background. If so, the “Anatomy of Sound” exhibition in Lviv will interest you!

What will be at the “Anatomy of Sound” exhibition?

Have you ever wondered what music is? The question sounds quite philosophical, although here it is about a more pragmatic approach. Relax, this is not a university lecture, but a question whose answers can be found after visiting the sound exhibition.

At the exposition, you will learn about the principle of sound operation. According to the organizers, this event will dissect music, and break it down into physical phenomena, sound waves, and elementary particles. Consider it an extremely interesting and interactive physics lesson that will help you put everything in its right place in your head.

When: February 3-29, 2024, 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm (the event lasts 60 minutes)

Where: Lviv Organ Hall

Tickets: can be purchased here or at the box office of the Organ Hall

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