“House without a number”: the “Resurrection” theater invites you

The premiere of the play is scheduled for September 24, 25 at 6:00 p.m. and October 1, 2 at 6:00 p.m.

Journalists will be able to attend the pre-premiere screening on September 22 at 12:00 p.m. Accreditation by phone – 0974340918.

“House without a number”, Yaroslav Fedoryshyn

Metamorphosis, confession, phantasmagoria

Production director and set designer – Alla Fedoryshyn, Honored Artist of Ukraine

Roles and performers:

Artist – Gubanov Volodymyr, Honored Artist of Ukraine; Yuriy Pylypchuk

Woman – Nataliya Lukashonok, Galina Strychak

The old man is Mykytyuk Petro, Honored Artist of Ukraine

Actor – Volodymyr Chuhonkin, Taras Kitsyniuk

Taxi driver – Oleksandr Chekmaryov

Doctor – Yurychko Taras, Shorobura Yuriy

The girl is Victoria Zholinska, Vira Ryfyak

The play “House without a number” was written by Yaroslav Fedoryshin long before he became an outstanding personality in the theater world. He was only 20 then. However, this play is extremely relevant today. Yaroslav Fedoryshyn, the founder of the “Resurrection” theater, said in his interviews: “Very often in modern theater there is a lack of spirituality, mostly actors play stories that can be read in books. And the theater is emotion, energy, a unique atmosphere.”

They want to demolish a house without a number, but it has life and different destinies. This house is full of symbolism, connected to the past. A Woman, an Artist and an Old Man live in it…

This is a story about love and about the complete personality of a person, about his inner world, about the richness of the human soul, which we so often lose, running somewhere and in a hurry, and it is worth only stopping to see something. Life does not have a second chance. Only the one who died has no tomorrow. As long as we live, there is hope and the ability to change everything. Uniting people, love and respect for each other is the way to Victory.

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