Контерт ТНМК у Львові

The band TNMK will perform in Lviv with the program “Jazzy”

“Make me hip, make me hop. Make me A!, make me hip-hop!” If you started humming the following lines of this song, then you are a real fan of TNMK! So don’t miss the concert of this band, which will take place in Lviv on June 12.

Briefly about the TNMK concert

Dance on Maidan Kongo, or TNMK, is a Ukrainian band that has gained fame as one of the country’s most successful hip-hop projects. Founded in 1996, the band combines various genres in its work, such as rapcore, hip-hop, rock, and funk, creating a unique sound that has conquered the hearts of millions of fans.
Its history began with two friends – Fozzie and Kota, who created the first prototype of the band back in 1989. However, TNMK officially started its activities in 1996.

For more than 20 years, the band released 8 studio albums:

• “Make Me Hip Hop” (1998)
• “Neformat” (2001)
• “Fires of the City of Babylon” (2004)
• “Strength” (2005)
• “WITH. P. A. M.”  (2010)
• “Mirror” (2014)
• “7” (2018)
• “VATRA red” (2021)

And two concert ones:

• “Jazzy. Live in 44” TNMCongo & East Side “Jazzy” (2004)
• “Sympho hip-hop” “TNMK” and Maco “Slobozhansky” (2015)
This time, the band will perform in Lviv with a special “Jazzy” program on the roof to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album of the same name. So if you want to enjoy cult hits performed by your favorite musicians, buy tickets for the concert first!

When: June 12, 2024, 7:00 p.m

Where: Terrace at !FESTrepublic (24 Staroznesenska St.)

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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