виставка фотографій Святослава Лукащука

An exhibition in honor of defender Svyatoslav Lukashchuk in Lviv

We invite everyone interested to visit the photo exhibition called “Holyday. Path. Luka. War”, dedicated to the memory of Svyatoslav Lukashchuk. The official opening will take place on January 22, 2024 at 3 pm.

What is the exhibition about?

The “Holyday. Path. Luka. War” exhibition consists of works by Svyatoslav Lukashchuk. He was a serviceman and defended Ukraine in the Donetsk region. Unfortunately, Svyatoslav was killed in May 2023 during a combat mission. The organizers of the event decided to dedicate the exposition to the fallen hero and show the world his works. Svyatoslav was engaged in photography and left a considerable number of works. This is how the organizers describe the exhibition:

Our exhibition is dedicated to Svyatoslav Lukashchuk (call sign “Luka”). In the photographs he created in civilian and military life, there is his vision of the beauty of this world, the breath of affairs and the rhythm of life, musical preferences and work. The atmosphere of the streets he walked and the warmth of the people he shared time with. As part of the opening there will be a charity auction where you can purchase Svyatoslav’s works so that there are more such people. And that life was more.

The energy is visible to everyone who knew this person. And it is the loved ones who are able to see only the glow visible to them. It envelops every single detail that could touch the memories of a friend, comrade, loved one. While for others – these are just things. But what if the others are all of us?

The organizers about Svyatoslav Lukashchuk

Duration: January 22-27, 2024
Where: 31 Sofiia Yablonska Str.; White Building, 4th floor
Entrance: free donation

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