Вистава “Я, Побєда і Берлін” у Львові

Performance “I, Victory and Berlin” in Lviv

Kuzma Skryabin is a real phenomenon of Ukrainian music. His songs do not lose their relevance and popularity even despite the singer’s tragic death ten years ago. And did you know that Kuzma was engaged in literature? If not, then the performance “I, Victory and Berlin” based on his novel of the same name is ideal for getting to know Scriabin the writer.

Briefly about the play “I, Victory and Berlin”

This performance tells a fascinating story, full of humor and the adventures of a young man as if heard from an old friend, who accompanies himself on the guitar with familiar melodies. This is a kind of road movie that attracts nostalgic memories of the “bad” 90s with their “BOYS” sweaters, varnished hairstyles, and another adventure at the border, where there was a desire to look into the free world of Western Europe.

The story itself is carefree madness, hooliganism, and fun-filled crazy youth! The main character accepts an adventurous offer to go to Berlin to sell for money the antique car “Pobyeda” with children’s mannequins on board.

On the way, he encounters funny and hopeless situations, because the old “Pobyeda” does not want to leave the city of Novoevreysk (that’s what the author affectionately calls his hometown Novoyavorivsk). But in the end, “Victory” does move to break out into the musical, ironic, and passionate world of the Scriabin band together with the actor-musicians.

Screen adaptation of Kuzma Scriabin’s story

An interesting fact is that last week saw the light of the screen version of Kuzma Scriabin’s story. Its plot almost completely reproduces the book, but there are still certain differences. Filming of the film began back in 2020. However, it appeared on the big screens only four years later. The reason for this was a pandemic and later a full-scale invasion.

If you haven’t seen “I, Victory and Berlin” yet, hurry up and buy tickets to the cinema. The film will be released until April 10, 2024.

When: March 28 – April 28, 2024
Where: Maria Zankovetska`s National Drama Theater
Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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