вистава "Гуцульське весіллє" у Львові

The performance “Hutsul wedding” in Lviv

Have you ever been interested in the peculiarities of the wedding ceremony in the Hutsul region? Yes or no, you should visit the performance called “Hutsul Wedding” in Lviv, because it is here that you will be able to discover many interesting facts.

Briefly about the performance “Hutsul Wedding”

It is worth starting with the fact that all the action that will take place on the stage is credible. For the rites in the performance to correspond to reality, the actors went on an expedition. They visited Krasnoil in Hutsul Oblast, where Hnat Hotkevich once created a theater. It was here, in fact, that the rehearsals took place.

“Hutsul wedding” lasts as much as 4 hours, and includes the most important stages – from the engagement to the actual celebration. The skill of the producers is that they were able to compactly fit all the most interesting things within one performance because the celebration can last several weeks or even a month.

This is how its director Rostyslav Derzypilskyi described the production:

“During the preparation, the difficulty was that everyone said: it was like this in my village, but wait, here friendships were not supposed to redeem a young woman like that. That’s why I said: “Stop! We choose one option, which was described by Shukhevych, and it is where Jabie (Verkhovyna) is, or like in Kryvorivna.”

When: May 22, 2024, 6:30 p.m

Where: Theater named after Maria Zankovetska

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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