Мистецькі події у Львові на вихідні

Art events in Lviv on the weekend of March 2-3

How fast time flies! Tomorrow is Friday, which means another working week is coming to an end. Catch interesting art events in Lviv on the weekend, where you can enjoy the beauty in full.

Performance “Garden of Divine Songs”

Do you like Grigory Skovoroda? And no, we are not talking about a banknote with a face value of 500 UAH, but about the figure of the Ukrainian philosopher and his achievements. If among you there are those who are interested in this topic, then do not miss the opportunity to visit the play “Garden of Divine Songs,” dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Gregory Skovoroda.

This name was chosen for a reason since the philosopher is the author of the book of the same name, which contains many poems with reflections of the author. According to the directors of the play, “The Garden of Divine Songs” is a road to Skovoroda and an artistic study of quality, which is already defeating the war and laying the foundation for a new Ukraine.

Everyone present will be able to comprehend the views and beliefs of Skovoroda, which remain relevant to this day.

When: March 3, 2024, 17:00
Where: Theater Center “Word and Voice” (38 Gorodotskaya St.)
Tickets: 300 UAH, and you can buy them at this link

Performance “Carmen” at the Lviv Opera

Here is a real treasure of theatrical art. Probably, many have heard about the opera “Carmen.” In case you only heard about it, but did not see it, then the time has come. This Saturday, the Lviv Opera will host the play “Carmen,” which has already become a cult.

The plot of the play:

The mysterious gypsy Carmen attracts men with her beauty and independence. For her, love is a free bird that no one can tame! But Sergeant Jose believes that he can capture the affection of a temperamental and freedom-loving beauty! To do this, he avoids meeting his fiancée Michaela and betrays his military oath.

However, Carmen does not love Jose, she is more interested in bullfighter Escamillo. Burning passion and jealousy cause Jose’s thirst for revenge. The young sergeant is ready to do anything for her heart and decides that Carmen will belong only to him, and no one else…

When: March 2, 2024, 17:00
Where: Lviv National Opera House
Tickets: can be purchased at this link

Charity walks through the legendary streets of Lviv

This week’s art events in Lviv on the weekend are diverse. For example, in addition to theatrical performances, you can visit an interesting city tour called “From Pidzamne to Slingshot.” By the way, do not take this attraction with skepticism if you are from Lviv, and are convinced that you know it like your five fingers.
During the tour “From Pidzamche to Slingshot” you will learn where the history of ancient Lviv began, hear fairy tales, legends, and historical facts, and also find out how many things were for the first time along our route.

Among the sacred buildings of the streets, along which we will go, there are places where Jews once prayed, and we can even see one of the few synagogues that has survived to this day.

In addition to being able to have a good time and probably get new insights, you will also help the elderly! All funds received for the excursion will go to the needs of the elderly.

When: March 3, 2024, 14:00
Where: for details, text @ Kateryna Magdenko in Telegram
Cost: 200 UAH

Exhibition of Peter Smetana “Dark”

In addition, we recall the exhibition of Peter Smetana “Dark”, which was written about earlier.

The exhibition “Dark” will feature new works by Peter Smetana, who had not yet seen the world. We are talking about abstract canvases of monumental formats. Interestingly, the first part of this exposition was presented in Kyiv at the White World Gallery in October-November 2023.

This weekend is the last opportunity to visit the exposition, as it closes on November 3.

Where: Green Sofa Gallery (7 Armenian St.)

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