вистава "Вороги. Історія любові" у Львові

The premiere of the play “Enemies. A Love Story” in Lviv

The Maria Zankovetska National Theatre will host the premiere of the play titled “Enemies. A Love Story.” The basis for this production is the eponymous novel by the writer Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Briefly about the figure of Isaac Bashevis Singer

It is impossible to discuss the theatrical production without mentioning the author of the original story, Isaac Bashevis Singer. He was an American-Jewish writer of Polish descent and a Nobel Prize laureate in literature. Born into a Hasidic family in Poland, he developed a passion for literature from an early age. In 1935, he emigrated to the United States. Singer wrote short stories, novels, plays, essays, and poems. His work focused on themes of Jewish history and culture, morality, religion, and the human soul.

Here are a few interesting facts about him:

  • Isaac Bashevis Singer was the first writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature for works written in Yiddish.
  • His works often incorporated elements of magical realism and mysticism.
  • He was known for his subtle humor and irony.
  • He was a vegetarian and an advocate of non-violence.

The plot of the play “Enemies. A Love Story”

The main character of the play is a man who never wanted anything extraordinary in life. He simply sought simple peace, love, and the feeling of being at home. After World War II, he finds himself in New York, wandering the crowded streets with a constant sense of impending catastrophe. He encounters three women, each impacting his life differently. Jadwiga, a Polish peasant who hid him from the Nazis, provides him with warmth and safety. Masha, his passionate and neurotic love, shows him what true passion is. And Tamara, his first wife, brings him back to a past he wanted to forget.

The hero tries to make each of these women happy, but ultimately, he is left alone with his thoughts and fears. Only then can he confront his most formidable enemy—his own past.

When: Premieres on November 23 and 24, 2023

Where: Maria Zankovetska National Theatre

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