виставка Анни Атоян у Львові

an exhibition by Anna Atoyan titled “Mini Monuments II” in Lviv

All Lviv residents and city guests are invited to visit the exhibition of Anna Atoyan, titled “Mini Monuments II.” The official opening will take place on November 21 at 12:00.

Brief information about Anna Atoyan

Anna Atoyan is a Ukrainian artist who primarily works in the technique of silk painting and hot batik. Since 2002, the artist has actively participated in both Ukrainian and international exhibitions. It’s noteworthy that Anna Atoyan has around six personal exhibitions in Lviv.

What to expect at Anna Atoyan’s exhibition “Mini Monuments II”

First and foremost, let’s explore why the exhibition is named as such. In June 2021, Lviv hosted Anna Atoyan’s exhibition titled “Mini Monuments,” featuring seven personal monuments presented in various styles. Essentially, this exhibition serves as a sequel to the previous one.

According to Anna Atoyan, this exhibition will also consist of seven thematic mini-monuments – art complexes that, in addition to painting, will be complemented by mini-sculptures made from cotton wool. Interestingly, this method of working with cotton wool dates back to the artist’s childhood when she created Christmas decorations from available materials.

The inspiration for creating sculptures from cotton wool came to Anna during her work on a carousel with hanging figures above the crib for her recently born grandson.

Duration: from November 21 to December 10, 2023

Where: 7 Virmenska Street

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