Observation decks of Lviv

The city always attracts from a height, especially such an ancient one as Lviv. Among the picturesque roofs, numerous towers emerge, which have always been not only a decoration, but also a reliable reference point, thanks to the originality of each of them. You can see the panorama from a variety of usually secret places that either accidentally emerge on your way, or local panorama connoisseurs will tell you them.

Let’s start our virtual journey through the observation decks of Lviv.

Lviv City Hall Tower

408 steps will take you to the top of the tower that rises in the middle of the downtown (the most preserved ancient part of Lviv). From a height of 65 meters, all the old quarters are especially clearly visible, because it was specially built as an observation fire station. A trumpeter stood on it for days and looked like a fiery danger. If necessary, he trumpeted it, prompting the inhabitants to flee with buckets full of water to extinguish it. In 2011, the tradition of trumpeting at noon from the window of the City Hall was restored. Therefore, being on the tower you can hear the trumpet in a live performance.

Even on the tower was the main clock of the city. Its four dials with giant arrows (large length – 2 m) were once visible from all over Lviv. Ancient cities were not so big. And where they didn’t see him, they heard him. For hours and a quarter of an hour were duplicated by bells.

Flagpole at the Lviv City Hall

In 1918, soldiers of the Ukrainian Galician army established a tradition of having the main flagpole of the city on the town hall tower.

View from the City Hall Tower, northeast direction: slopes of the High Castle
View from the City Hall Tower. East side of Rynok Square: Chorna Kamenytsia, Korniakta Palace (“Italian Courtyard”)
View from the City Hall Tower. Andreolly Passage and Katedralna Square

High Castle

This is the highest hill in the city. Once there was a castle that guarded Lviv for 500 years. For the last two centuries, that is, a park with an observation deck. Its highest point is man-made. This is the so-called “grave” of the Union of Lublin, which was poured for a long thirty years, and opened to the public in 1900.

Do you want to look around almost all of Lviv? That’s the way it is for you. You can’t see the largest sleeping area of the city, Sykhiv. But that’s even a good thing. Because architecturally it is an ordinary late Soviet district.

In good weather, even the Carpathian ridges can be seen on the horizon with a cloud. Mount Parashka is especially clearly visible.

Panoarma from the lower site of the High Castle.

In addition to the upper platform, there is also a lower terrace overlooking the downtown. Its advantage is that you do not have to overcome another three hundred steps, which you need to get to the highest point of this hill.

View from the High Castle. South direction: stryiskyi park in the middle, behind which there is a building of “Tax” on the horizon
View from the High Castle. Southwest direction, in the middle of Doroshenko Street
View from the High Castle. Northern direction: Pidzamche, Zboyishcha (zhytmasiv on Mazepa Street, Mykolaychuka)

Memorial of the Heavenly Hundred

The memorial was erected on a small slope at the foot of the High Castle Mountain. But this does not prevent to explore the city center from the most advantageous angle. The advantage is that from here you can go down to the richest Catholic convent of the Benedictine Order on Foot street. Or, on a recently opened footpath, walk along the orchard to Leo and Uzhhorodska streets.

The roof of the store “Vernissage”

On the old and best-restored street of the downtown of Shevskaya (named after the artisans of shoemakers) there is a cute observation deck. Its peculiarity is that you find yourself on the roof, and feel like a chimney sweep. A level below the roof there is a coffee shop terrace where you should enjoy coffee overlooking the majestic Renaissance church of the Jesuit Order. Now it is the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. At first glance, the house is too low, three-storey. But in fact, you will have to go all the way to its 7th floor. Why is that? We invite you to solve this riddle yourself. You can also use the elevator. Which only works on the way up. You still have to go down on foot.

Landscape from the shopping center “Vernissage”. Photos from the center’s pages in social networks
Landscape from the shopping center “Vernissage”. Photos from the center’s pages in social networks
Panorama from the shopping center “Vernissage”.

Citadel Inn

The restaurant of this hotel has a former battle terrace around the perimeter, now it is a balcony that serves as an observation deck. The hotel is part of a large fortress that occupies a whole plateau. The fortress was built in 1851. to control the city in case of another revolution. Well, by the way, she could defend the city from external enemies. But you will have to look for the way to the hotel. And this creates certain difficulties. Although coffee and kind are worth the effort.

By the way, the hotel does not prohibit visiting their territory for an ordinary walk and viewing the panorama from the street. A platform with benches and lanterns was even arranged here.

Panorama from the Citadel of Inn. Area under the walls of the hotel
Panorama from the Citadel of Inn. Area under the walls of the hotel
Panorama from the Citadel of Inn. Terrace of the hotel

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