концерт пам'яті Володимира Івасюка у Львові

Concert in memory of Volodymyr Ivasyuk in Lviv

This event is an absolute must-visit for everyone who loves vintage Ukrainian songs! Lviv will host a concert in memory of the outstanding Volodymyr Ivasyuk “Our Ivasyuk,” where everyone can enjoy his compositions.

Briefly about Vladimir Ivasyuk

If suddenly you have not heard about the figure of Vladimir Ivasyuk, then be sure to read this paragraph to the end.

Volodymyr Ivasyuk is a real phenomenon in the history of Ukrainian music, He is a poetic symbol of that generation of the 1960-70s that sought freedom and change. With his sincere, melodic, and “simple as breath” songs, he managed to touch the finest strings of human souls.

As a very young guy, in 1968, Vladimir created a real hit for ages – “Red Rue”. This song with an elegant melody and poetry of nature was remembered by millions of people. Romantic “The Song Will Be Among Us,” philosophical hit “Vodohray,” and light “Flowers Left” – each of his works became a musical gem.

So, the bright star of Ivasyuk was cut short dramatically – at the age of 28 under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a heritage that is not fading interest even now. And he remains one of the most beloved musical idols of Ukraine.

And what will happen at the concert “Our Ivasyuk”?

The event is timed to the 75th birthday of Vladimir Ivasyuk. That is why the concert is very symbolic. In the Lviv Opera House, insanely famous songs by Ivasyuk will sound (some may discover something new). Many famous vocalists and vocalists will perform on stage, namely: Oksana Mukha, Pavel Tabakov, Victoria Yashchenko, Marta Malskaya, NÁNA, and Igor Gutsaylyuk.

According to the organizers, the choir chapel of Ukraine “Trembita” will accompany the singers, and the host of the evening will be Vitaly Gordienko, the author of the documentary “The Phenomenon of Ivasyuk”, about the life and work of the composer and singer (by the way, we advise you to watch this film, because there are a lot of insights!)

When: March 4, 2024, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Lviv Opera House
Tickets: you can buy tickets here🙂

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