Фотовиставка Мирослава Кобилянського про Маріуполь у Львові

Exhibition of Myroslav Kobylansky’s Photos about Mariupol in Lviv

Many Ukrainian cities have suffered due to Russian aggression, and one of the most emblematic in this war is Mariupol, which was razed to the ground by the Russians. If you’ve never seen this beautiful place before the full-scale invasion, don’t miss the opportunity to visit a photo exhibition dedicated to pre-war Mariupol, titled “My Mariupol and the World Around.”

A brief overview of the exhibition’s author, Myroslav Kobylansky

Myroslav Kobylansky is a military serviceman who has been defending Ukraine since 2014. Originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, specifically from Kolomyia, he joined Mariupol in 2015, participated in creating a new unit, and served there until 2022. His hobby is aerial photography, and he shares his passion, saying:

“I used every opportunity to be near the sea as much as possible. From various angles, I captured our beautiful city of Mariupol.”

Even before the full-scale invasion, Myroslav Kobylansky had contemplated creating a book with photographs of Mariupol. After February 24, he realized that it was essential to publish the book.

“When Mariupol was in a state of clinical death, my unit was redeployed to Dnipro. It was during that period that I again returned to the idea of creating a book. I believed that it would be right to create a book that would leave a memory of the city we all know.”

As a result, the world saw the book “My Mariupol and the World Around” at the end of 2022.

What to expect at Myroslav Kobylansky’s photo exhibition about Mariupol

The exhibition bears the same name as Myroslav’s book, and it will showcase the photographs included in it, featuring the most picturesque views of Mariupol.

Myroslav Kobylansky explains the idea behind the exhibition:

“The idea of the photo exhibition arose during the preparation of the book for publication. We believe it is necessary to allow you to see these incredible landscapes with your own eyes in a large format and together with the author, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city’s heart.”

When: Opening on December 2 at 16:00

Duration: From December 2 to December 16, 2023

Where: Stetska Street, 3a, Lviv

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