Перфоманс “Розстріляне відродження. Голоси крізь час” у Львові

Performance “Executed Renaissance. Voices Across Time” in Lviv

Do you know much about the Executed Renaissance? During the Soviet era, this dark page of Ukrainian history was carefully hidden by representatives of the totalitarian regime. That is why it is extremely important to talk about the crimes of the Soviet authorities now. However, it needs to be done creatively in order to engage more people. For example, in Lviv, there will be a literary and musical performance “Executed Renaissance. Voices Across Time”, dedicated to the period of repressions.

Brief about the performance “Executed Renaissance. Voices Across Time”

An extraordinary artistic event will take place in Lviv – a literary and musical performance “Executed Renaissance. Voices Across Time” directed by the famous actor Oleksiy Hnatkovskyi.

The event is dedicated to prominent Ukrainian writers of the 1920s-1930s, whose works were banned, and those who were brutally killed by the Soviet totalitarian regime. The project symbolically connects the past with the present challenges, when Russia is again trying to destroy the best representatives of the Ukrainian nation.

“This is an extremely relevant project in the context of our liberation war against the Russian invaders. We must liberate not only the territories but also our consciousness from the colonial past and revive the authentic Ukrainian identity,” said Oleksiy Hnatkovskyi.

During the evening, there will be a reading of poems by repressed poets of the “executed renaissance” performed by talented children from the “Adventurers” acting studio and the “Panianka” studio for the harmonious development of girls. Musical accompaniment will be provided by the “Quattro corde” string orchestra together with Oksana Krechko, a soloist of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Philharmonic named after Iryna Malaniuk. A sensual contemporary dance from the “MAASAI” dance school will visually connect the past with the present, creating a coherent artistic performance.

Oleksiy Hnatkovskyi himself will be the host of the event. The proceeds will go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So, you will not only enrich your knowledge about the Executed Renaissance but also help bring victory closer!

When: June 9, 2024, 7:00 PM

Where: Metropolitan Gardens (5 St. Yura Square)

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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