Читацький клуб у Львові

Reading Club in Lviv: Discussion of the book “I See, Darkness Interests You”

The fact that indicates that the book you have read is extremely interesting and captivating is that you want to discuss its plot and break it down into small details, so as not to miss important hidden nuances. If you are looking for like-minded people with whom you can discuss Ilarion Pavliuk’s book “I See, Darkness Interests You”, then the reading club in Lviv will help you with that.

Brief about the book “I See, Darkness Interests You”

Of course, you cannot go to a book discussion without knowing its plot. So if you are still hesitating about whether it is worth reading Ilarion Pavliuk’s work and visiting the reading club in Lviv, we suggest you familiarize yourself with its synopsis:

“Kyiv criminal psychologist Andriy Haister is sent as a consultant to the godforsaken village of Buskiv Sad. One winter night, a little girl disappears there. And there is also the Beast – a serial killer whose murders the locals prefer not to notice… In this cursed village, where everything is in a circle and everyone lives a life they hate, the investigation constantly reaches a dead end. Andriy believes that the lost girl, despite everything, is alive and he will find her. But no one except him cares about that.
“I See, Darkness Interests You” is a story about impenetrable human indifference and the darkness within us. About honesty with oneself and the price we are willing to pay for oblivion. About sins that materialize, and atonement more expensive than peace.”

When: June 10, 2024, 6:00 PM

Where: Library on Muliarska Street (Muliarska 2a)

Admission: free 🙂

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