куди піти у Львові в грудні

The holiday is coming: where to go in Lviv in December

Winter is starting in less than a week, which means it’s time to plan December. So, grab your notebooks, pens, and jot down the best Christmas and New Year events to attend in Lviv.

Craft and Vintage Fair “In Search of Christmas”

Let’s start the selection with a charity event! Tlum&Kram organizes an interesting thematic event dedicated to Christmas. The organizers claim that everyone interested will have the opportunity to explore the phenomenon of modern Christmas here. In addition to the exhibition with various vintage items, you can also attend a lecture on the topic of Christmas and a workshop.

Moreover, vintage enthusiasts and shoppers will be drawn to the fair, where they can buy postcards, jewelry, clothing, books, dishes, home decor items, and much more.

Now, about the charitable aspect. This fair aims to raise 200,000 UAH for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So, besides an enjoyable time, you get a karma boost for your generosity, do a good deed, and contribute to Victory! A great option for where to go in Lviv in December.

When: December 9 from 14:00-20:00, December 10 from 12:00-18:00

Where: Lviv Palace of Arts, 17 Kopernika Street

Admission: The entrance ticket costs 200 UAH, but for servicemen, people with disabilities, pensioners, and children under 12, admission is free 🙂

For those who want to participate in the fair as a seller, fill out this form.

Vasyl Baidak’s Solo Stand-up “Arbitrary Chaotic”

This event is for fans of Vasyl Baidak and humor in general. Nothing can surpass the description of this event written by Vasyl Baidak himself, so just read and enjoy:

“Hi. I’m going on tour. The material is new, nothing from here is on the internet. Maybe you’ve heard something live somewhere, so, of course, it’s possible because the material has been tested to be funny. It turned out funny. There’s absurdity. Everything about our reality. And a bit fictional. If you know me, then yes – there will be everything you love. If you don’t know – it’s a good place and time to meet.”

Vasyl Baidak

The title of the stand-up is not chosen randomly. The comedian explains that currently, he feels exactly like that – arbitrary-chaotic, due to the chaos brought by Russia. However, to redirect his life chaos towards victory, after the stand-up, Vasyl will conduct an auction, and 100% of the funds raised will go to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Additionally, 20% of the proceeds from the sold tickets will also go to the Armed Forces! So, don’t hesitate, buy tickets, laugh, get a karma boost, and bring Victory closer!

When: December 15, 2023, at 19:00

Where: Dovzhenko Center

Christmas in Opera with the SKAY Band

The SKAY band has become a cult favorite in Ukraine with thousands of fans. If you are one of them and wondering where to go in Lviv in December, don’t miss the opportunity to attend their Christmas concert. The program of the evening will include their most famous hits like “Legkovazhna,” “Tebe Tse Mozhna Vbyty,” “Struna,” “Podaruy Svitlo,” and other well-known works. Additionally, your favorite carols and New Year songs will be performed in their unique style. The SKAY band’s Christmas program promises a bright festive atmosphere, stunning decorations, unrestrained energy, and a sea of incredible emotions accompanied by the sensual saxophone!

When: December 25, 2023, at 19:00

Where: Lviv Opera

New Vertep with the TNMK Band

Finishing our selection of events on where to go in Lviv in December, there’s a Christmas Vertep with members of the TNMK band. The program of the event will combine the best traditions of the Ukrainian Vertep and a modern context. Band members will transform into Vertep characters, and this time the roles are distributed as follows:

  • Bassoon – Devil
  • Fozzi – Shynkar
  • Yaroslav Veriovkin (guitar) – King
  • Anton Baturin (DJ) – King
  • Viktor Korzhenko (drums) – King
  • Kostiantyn Zhuykov (bass) – Herod
  • Oleksandr Shymansky (piano, trumpet) – Angel
  • Yevhen Husak (percussion) – Death

When: December 28, 18:30

Where: !FESTrepublic

Tickets: available here

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