One of the first restaurants by the number of visitors in Europe. Kryivka hides several floors underground and has also created its own machine gun point on the roof opposite the Lviv Town Hall. The establishment became famous due to the grotesque design of the cafe under the hideout of the UPA fighters – because of this, the restaurant gained a mixed reputation among those who still believe that “Muscovites are beaten in the Lviv metro”. But this does not stop tourists and they still include Kryivka – one of the few 24-hour establishments in Lviv – in their route through the city.

The approach to each client here is special. At the entrance, a man with a machine gun in the uniform of a UPA soldier greets you and asks for the password. Sometimes he forces you to drink a penalty of one hundred grams of mead – then everyone in Kryivka becomes equal and you are taken to the dungeon. Here you will find a shooting range, weapons that were used by rebel soldiers, an exhibition of old documents and photos, and music from the times of the Bandera underground. And most importantly – fun companies and absolute multiculturalism of the contingent. A good atmosphere and delicious cuisine with alcohol unites everyone!

Gastronomic selection in the restaurant within Ukrainian and field cuisine, all food is served in military dishes. It is worth trying “patriotic” dishes, such as fried pork shanks and ears.

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