The most expensive restaurant in Galicia (“Masony”)

The restaurant “Network of conceptual author’s restaurants “!FEST” The most expensive restaurant in Halychyna is located in the very center of ancient Lviv, opposite the City Hall above the Winged Lion. This is a restaurant closed to the prying eyes, where the visitor enters the world of mysterious interior, light classical music and jazz, mysterious symbols and signs, Masonic traditions and European cuisine.

The guests of the establishment will be interested in the secret entrance to the restaurant halls, the unusual design of the restrooms, only male staff, and also from now on the Cork Fee offer is valid: any visitor can bring a bottle of wine purchased at the Wine Time wine market or the drinks supermarket from around the world. Your Sommelier”.

When visiting the institution, you can feel like a knight at the round table, a romantic on the balcony of Rynok Square, and also find out which Ukrainians contributed to the Masonic movement and how the Masonic movement contributed to Ukraine.

The most expensive restaurant in Galicia supports the LOKAL loyalty system, every customer card holder gets everything 10 times cheaper.

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