прем'єра документального фільму "Різдво разом" у Львові

Premiere of the documentary Christmas Together in Lviv

The Christmas season that many people have been waiting for all year is about to start in a matter of days. Some are counting down the days until the premiere of new movies and TV series. However, we must not forget the price that Ukrainians have to pay for this Christmas. That is why you should not miss the premiere of the documentary film called “Christmas Together”.

What is the film “Christmas Together” about?

Despite its rather positive title, the plot of this documentary is somewhat somber. The film “Christmas Together” shows how teams of youth from different regions of Ukraine visited Slobozhanshchyna in early 2023. Their goal was to spread the Christmas spirit and support residents of the recently liberated cities that suffered from Russian aggression with their caroling and nativity plays.

The film turned out to be quite touching, as its overarching theme is the consequences of Russian terror and occupation.

Briefly about the authors of the documentary

The idea for this initiative belonged to Ukraїner community volunteer Viktor Perfetskyi from the city of Berezhany in Ternopil region.

A similar campaign called “Christmas Together” existed in the 2000s when families from western regions of Ukraine, particularly Galicia, Volhynia, and Podillya, where Christmas traditions have been better preserved, would invite children from eastern and southern parts over for holidays. They wanted children to get acquainted with local customs and rituals.

When: December 23, 2023 at 5 pm

Where: Metropolitan Sheptytsky Center (29a Stryiska St.)

Registration: link to the form here 🙂

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