Благодійний фестиваль мистецтва та вина у Львові

Charitable festival of art and wine in Lviv

If you are a huge fan of art, delicious wine, and good causes, then the Lviv Art and Wine Festival is definitely for you. The charitable festival of art and wine will take place from December 2 to December 3.

Briefly about the Lviv Art and Wine Festival

It’s worth noting that this is already the fourth charitable festival of its kind in Lviv. This year, its main slogan is: “Support Yours. Return Yours.” And this is not surprising because, according to the organizers of the Lviv Art and Wine Festival, they have two main goals.

The first is to support Ukrainian winemakers and promote their wines, which are no less, if not better, than imported ones. The second is to emphasize that many Ukrainian artists are known internationally under a different nationality (effectively, Russia has appropriated them, thus taking a significant part of our authentic culture). This includes figures like Kazimir Malevich, Vasyl Yermilov, David Burliuk, Alexandra Exter, and many others. These ideas inspired the organizers.

It is essential to mention that the festival is charitable. A portion of the funds raised from entrance tickets and the sale of products at the festival will be donated to the purchase and production of prosthetics for civilians and military personnel affected by the war, as part of the UNBROKEN project.

Program of the charitable festival of art and wine in Lviv

  • Art exhibition: paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists, interactive infographics with reproductions of famous avant-garde works, and a temporary bookstore with a large selection of books about avant-garde.
  • Wine market: over 20 winemakers (local family wineries and popular wine brands).
  • Forum: discussions among participants on the development of Ukraine’s wine infrastructure.
  • Lectures: lectures by art historians and wine experts.
  • Art market: stylish decor, jewelry, and tableware from local brands.
  • Evening program: chamber performances by Lviv musical groups.

When: December 2-3, 2023 (from 12:00 to 21:00)

Where: Lviv, Lem Station, 57 Dmytra Vitovskoho Street

Entrance fee: 200 UAH

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