Deep Forest у Львові

Deep Forest in Lviv: Charity Concert in Ukraine After a 7-Year Break

Electronic music fans can rejoice as the iconic French project Deep Forest, led by renowned composer Eric Mouquet, is returning to Ukraine. For the first time in 7 years, the musicians will perform two grand concerts—on July 6 in Lviv and on July 7 in Kyiv.

Brief Overview of Deep Forest

During their performances, the project will present their brand-new album “Crystal Clear,” which was recently released. This album is the result of a creative collaboration between Eric Mouquet and the talented French electronic musician Olivier Delvinquiere. Together, they have created a unique sonic universe by combining various musical styles and genres.

The album features Deep Forest’s signature natural ambiance, keyboard ballads, jazz motifs, EDM, Afrobeat, and much more. It’s a successful eclecticism where genres don’t compete but harmoniously coexist.

Notably, Deep Forest’s ability to blend diverse musical styles helped them become the first French project to win the prestigious Grammy Award in 1995 for their album “Boheme.”

Deep Forest’s music inspires not only listeners but also other performers. Among Mouquet’s admirers are Sainte Vie, Fakear, SAMIFATI, Onuka, and many others. Moreover, stars like Josh Groban, Herbie Hancock, and Peter Gabriel have collaborated with him on their projects.

Don’t miss the chance to witness an unforgettable event and enjoy a mix of electronic, ethnic, jazz, classical, and epic sounds performed by Deep Forest. Not only will you indulge in unique music, but you’ll also support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. All proceeds from the concerts will be donated to the charitable foundation “Povern’ys’ Zhyvym” (“Come Back Alive”).

When: July 6, 2024, 7:00 PM

Where: !FestRepublic (24 Staroznesenska Street)

Tickets: Can be purchased via this link

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