імерсивна вистава у Львові "Тут був мій дім"

The immersive exhibition project “Here was my home” in Lviv

The war affected the life of every Ukrainian. Someone lost their home, someone lost their relatives, and someone is defending Ukraine at the front. For no one to forget about this tragedy, an immersive exhibition project called “Here Was My Home” will be held in Lviv.

Briefly about the immersive project “Here was my home”

“Here Was My Home” is the first exhibition from the largest collection of panoramic war photos of the “360war.in.ua” project. The author of the immersive project, Taras Volyanyuk, noted that in this exposition, text accompanying the photos is very important:

“This is not a blockbuster, not an action movie, not a report from the scene of events. These are photographs that need to be viewed for their infinite detail. That’s why the text accompanying the photo, made by our editor-in-chief Iryna Klachek, is so important – it should be emotionless, factual, and that’s very difficult to do when you see these photos,” says Taras Volyanyuk.

The exhibition about the Russian invasion of Ukraine has interactive elements. For example, QR codes for digital panoramas and the ability to view photos in VR glasses. The exposition is divided into three parts:

  1. The first part covers the general chronology of the invasion, its global consequences such as the loss of homes, forced migration, and the impact on the world.
  2. The second part focuses on the destruction of important places for people, such as parks, kindergartens, schools, cultural centers, and public spaces.
  3. The third, the most emotional part, is devoted to the loss of houses, apartments and housing. The panoramas taken from inside the destroyed apartments immerse the audience in the tragic experience that millions of Ukrainians went through.

Official opening: March 19, 2024, 5:00 p.m

Duration: from March 19 to April 17

Where: Powder Tower (4 Podvalna St.)

Schedule: from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00.

Admission: on the opening day, admission is free, on other days – for a fee of UAH 200 or more. for the further development of the project.

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