Лекція про адаптацію ветеранів у Львові

Lecture in Lviv: adaptation of veterans and inclusion in modern business conditions

In the conditions of war, everyone is doing their best to bring the victory of Ukraine closer: volunteering, educating the younger generation, strengthening diplomatic ties with allied countries, and, most importantly, fighting on the front line. Thousands of men and women stood up for the defense of Ukraine, and every day they risk their lives for the well-being of Ukrainians. That is why these people need special support when they return to civilian life. A lecture on the adaptation of veterans and inclusion in modern business conditions will be held in Lviv.

Lecture on the adaptation of veterans: what will it be about?

Therefore, during this event, experts will consider several key and relevant issues that will help veterans adapt in the business environment. Below you can read the list of lecture topics:

  • Analysis of the market and existing programs aimed at integrating mobilized workers, and veterans into civilian life.
  • Practical aspects of adaptation of veterans after their return from the front, solving related problems.
  • Overview of special programs created to facilitate the integration of ex-servicemen into society and work teams.
  • Discussing the principles of inclusiveness and creating an inclusive environment in the modern business environment for veterans.

The lecture will be useful for understanding the challenges of reintegration of veterans and finding ways to effectively solve them in modern realities.


Three speakers will be present at the lecture, who will discuss the above-mentioned topics in detail, namely:

Maryana Ivashina is an experienced HR professional, certified business trainer, and mentor. She is an expert in team building, business consulting, and personnel management. She holds the position of head of the HR department at the pharmaceutical company “Halychpharm”, and manages projects at ARTERIUM. Maryana also heads the Public Council under the Personnel Department of the Lviv City Council and is the co-founder and head of the Association of Personnel Directors in Lviv.

Pavlo Koval is a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian War, currently the head of the Office for Veterans and their families. Previously, he worked as a coordinator of youth and social projects in various organizations. In March 2022, he joined the ranks of the 125th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After being wounded, he was dismissed from service due to his health.

Andrii Zholob is an orthopedic traumatologist. During the war, he served as a military doctor, and commanded the medical company of the 46th separate artillery brigade (2022-2024). In addition to his professional activities, Andriy is known as a radio host and vocalist/guitarist of the punk rock band “Beton”.

When: May 10, 2024, 6:00 p.m

Where: Parkova avenue, Sheptytskyi UKU Center, st. Stryyska 29A, Lviv (you can also join online)

Registration: at this link

Cost: UAH 500 (a 50% discount applies to graduates and participants of the MAHROD and HRM master’s programs)

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