• 4 photosPivdennyy



  • 5 photosHotel and entertainment complex "Halaktyka"

    Hotel and entertainment complex "Halaktyka"

    Hotel and entertainment complex “Halaktyka” is located in a short distance from city centre of Lviv (7 km) in the center of Vynnyky (Lviv suburb).

  • 4 photosYellow House

    Yellow House

    Yellow House is a comfortable hostel with a creative design that embodies the elements <a href="http://cityadspix.com/tsclick-GQB3V85P-GECAQBFF?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sotmarket.ru%2Fproduct%2Fpartner-night.html&sa=&bt=20&pt=9&lt=1&tl=3&im=ODI1LTAtMTQxMjI4MzEwNy0xOTA5NjI1Ng==&prdct=0d39093d0933073106&kw=of%20the" target="_blank" alt="Partners of the Night" title="Partners of the Night" style="">of the</a> modern city.

  • 4 photosDnister


    4-star Hotel Dnister is situated in the historic centre of Lviv near the old park.2

  • 4 photosHetman



  • 4 photosSoviet Home Hostel

    Soviet Home Hostel

    Hostel offers an exciting experience of life in a typical Soviet rooms with two important exceptions: modern bathrooms and beds.

  • 4 photosMister Hostel

    Mister Hostel


  • 5 photosEurohotel


    Hotel Eurohotel is situated in a cozy area in the center of Lviv.12

  • 3 photosOld Ukrainian Home

    Old Ukrainian Home

    The hostel is located in the central part of the city near Ivan Franko University and the park.3

  • 4 photosPrestige


    Hotel Prestige is near central part of city of Lviv. Hotel has 10 rooms of "First class", "Second class" and "Standart".2

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Get a taste of Lviv with a 50% discount!

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